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Koh Samui Zoo is now open for business…

19 Apr

My computer has been in the shop being cleaned so haven’t been able to update the blog for the last few days. Apparently it was overheating because it was filthy – the guy found dust, sand and fried ants in there! Perhaps it’s time to invest in a laptop bag rather than having it rolling around in my handbag with all the rest of the assorted grime.

The last few days have been a bit of a rollercoaster – started work, had some incredibly sad news from England and met our lovely Danish friends from Sri Lanka here.

The work going well…the main thing I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do it but Tom seems happy so far. I’ve written articles about free solar panels, biomass boilers, Songkran, conservatories, Bangkok, Rhodes: pretty varied! Five hours a day sitting in a beautiful garden in the sunshine isn’t too much of a hardship and they feed me biscuits and egg fried rice :)

Craig is using his free time well and caught four fish the other day, including the world’s ugliest fish:

Apparently it screamed when he caught it and it sounded so unnatural he just chucked it back to make it shut up!

We met up with Mathias and Frederik and have managed to convince them to stay here, which has meant lots of silly pool games and giggling.

They are obsessed with finding innuendos in everything you say and answering you with “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!” which is very funny, especially after a few cocktails. Frederik has proved to be a constant source of entertainment – he poured his beer into the polystyrene cooler thinking it was a glass, then jumped into the pool with his iPhone in his pocket :)

Look how excited and shiny we all are!

We went bowling last night and to save on the expensive taxi, ended up going on one bike. Three six-foot plus boys and me managed to squeeze onto the scooter for the ride round the corner – the amazing thing was that not one Thai person even batted an eyelid. They saw us and thought “well, that seems pretty reasonable”! I think we’ll probably walk in future. The Vietnamese would be laughing at this – “what, only four? HA that’s nothing, I would have managed to also get a live cockerel, a box of beer and perhaps a 32″ TV on there too. Amateurs…” Frederik beat us all by a country mile having overtaken Craig during the last round when he got score envy watching the amazing Thai guy in the next aisle who got a strike every single time.

Goldie seems even more settled now, she chased us on the bike the other day when Craig dropped me off at work – luckily she didn’t follow us to the main road but her desperation to catch us up makes me think she might have been abandoned. She’s being fed by the local monks as well as our guesthouse so at least she’ll be ok once we leave.

How could you not love that face??

And as if by magic, a new puppy turned up today. Turns out that Oh (yes, really, and she has a friend called Meow!), the owner’s wife, is as much of a sucker as me when it comes to adopting animals so when a girl turned up yesterday with a box of puppies she couldn’t help but say yes. So that takes the menagerie to three dogs, four cats, an aquarium full of fish and goldfish in two ponds. Glad I’m not the only one!!