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Xinh chao Vietnam

17 Jan

Spent a nice night chilling out with Gemma, Joe, fish and chips and a film last night. I finally fulfilled a long-term ambition of mine: force Craig to watch Bridesmaids with me :) However, after all the running around I was knackered so went to bed around 11ish to try and get some sleep. I must have woken up pretty much every hour since then panicking that I’d missed my alarm…

Taxi arrived to take us to Heathrow at 6.45 so said our final goodbyes to Gem and Joe and off we went. As we were massively early (I take after my mum – plan to arrive at least 2 hours before and end up getting there even earlier!) so we got breakfast despite knowing they’d probably stuff us on the plane

The flight to Singapore was over 12 hours long. During this time I watched 3 films, 4 tv programmes, ate 2 meals, had a twix, a packet of crisps…all made much more enjoyable by the constant crying of the child 3 or 4 rows in front of us. You’d think he’d have eventually got tired, but not this baby. He was quite the determined one.

Having said that, plane food does always cheer me up – not only was the food quite nice (they’d used actual chillies, cardamom pods and bay leaves!), it also came in those cool tiiiiiny packages

Sadly the time didn’t go too quickly


…probably because I only slept for around 15 mins due to cripplingly uncomfortable seat position (we were in between two people in the middle of the aisle so had to sit facing forwards all the time) and said devil child.

Not helping was the Chinese lady sitting next to me kept throwing her water at me. She seemed incapable of putting her glass of water in the cupholder without it going everywhere…the first time, it spilt all over my seat and onto my skirt. She immediately got a napkin and started dabbing at the seat with it, so I lifted myself up a bit so she could dab underneath me. Instead, she just dabbed at my bum :/ I am not sure what to make of this – did she feel genuinely bad and was trying to clean me up, or did she think *horror* that I lifted myself up expecting her to attempt to dry me??? Either way, awkward is not the word!

Arrived at Singapore (26 degrees, amazing) desperate for a shower but didn’t have time in the end to try and find one :( Changed from the Airbus to a smaller plane for the 3 hour flight to Vietnam – this time I did manage to sleep due to more leg room and absence of devil children. Arrived at Hanoi (17 degrees, still amazing) ok and despite minor issues such as losing our bags for a bit and a slight disagreement with a scary policeman, we got in a taxi to our hotel. Greeted with welcome drinks and then went upstairs to our room for a lovely shower to get the plane dirt off us.

Spent the rest of the day wandering around the Old Quarter getting our bearings again (or not in my case) and ended up at a litte bar for tea, sitting on the balcony. My beef pho (salty and spicy beef broth with noodles, soft beef slices, with chopped Vietnamese herbs) and Hanoi beer

cost a total of £1.88. We went for another wander before returning back up there for a few hours as it was fascinating sitting back and watching Hanoi life stream past before we went back to our hotel for the night: