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13 Jan

I took Holly for a last walk on Monday afternoon as Tuesday was D-Day – dropping her off to go to her new owners.


Spent a lot of Monday evening in tears! However, in the morning she made the process particularly easy

but she got off ok and her new owners texted me the next day to say that they had taken her out for a walk at 9.30am and had enjoyed themselves so much they didn’t get back until 6!

I came back to finally start packing:


It took me all day but managed to get my backpack down to 11kg plus a small satchel. Considering I took 19kg to Vietnam in March with me, I think this isn’t too bad :) I will probably need to get a smaller backpack when we’re out there because this one is too bulky. In between packing, I saw Dad for lunch and then Vicki for tea to say goodbye.

Joy and I went to see the last Twilight film (couldn’t leave the country without seeing Jacob with his shirt off again) in Birmingham on Wednesday. After some Singapore noodles (and an extra bowl of chillies for me – Joy’s a wimp :D ) in Selfridges, we walked round the entire city whilst trying to find the cinema but it was totally worth it. Even though the vampire-baby delivery scenes did leave me feeling a little sick :/

Joy then came back to ours for a roast dinner Craig made, and to give us our presents. She got me a gorgeous bracelet

“15.01.2012 The start…Love Joy x” :)

but Craig told me I wasn’t allowed to wear it because of my past history with bracelets he’s bought me:

the silver one Craig bought me in Hoi An – I nearly lost it in Cambodia but finally did lose it in Doha airport…

this one Craig bought me in Leamington to make up for the one that was lost. It lasted about two weeks before I broke a bit of it and then it properly fell apart after two months.

I gave Joy a lift home after saying goodbye (*sniff*) and went into the lounge to talk to Ben and Craig when I realised I was no longer wearing the bracelet. Went back outside with them as I’d heard a noise when I’d got out of the car but just assumed it was something on the floor I had kicked…to find my bracelet had fallen off into a drain! Luckily Ben and Craig managed to get it out but maybe I shouldn’t be trusted with jewellery after all…

Came back to the house to have a final drink with Ben as he was off to London the next day. Tom popped in too and we played cards until one by one everyone went to bed except me and Ben. Equal competitive streaks, a crossword which we refused to be beaten by, stubbornness and Bloody Mary’s meant that by the time we looked at the clock it was 4am. Ooops.

That meant that getting up at 8 to start packing up the rest of our room to transport it back into storage in Rugby was a useful study into exactly what the human body is capable of fuelled only by 4 hours sleep, a McDonald’s breakfast (grease to meat ration 2:1 – perfect) and the quiet glow of satisfaction that comes from consistently beating Ben at cards. I never said this blog was going to be entirely factual :) Luckily Alan had come to help us move everything so it was all pretty much done by 11am. I also got our travel insurance sorted through World Nomads which was 7% discount using the promotional code WIKID. Indeed!

Craig managed to sell all his tools at the last possible minute whilst we were in Rugby to someone who a friend knew who might be interested in buying some power tools. The only problem was that when Craig rang him, he was on a ski lift in Italy but his boss said he could sort it out for him. Turns out the boss’s brother is skiing in Bulgaria with Craig’s dad at the moment!

Then it was back to Rugby to put the last few bits in storage, say goodbye to Oliver and his mum and then dinner with Carol and Mark on their boat near our old house. We had a lovely evening there – it was a shame we couldn’t stay all night but work, driving and the To Do list were not in our favour! We left there to go and do a few more bits and pieces in Rugby and then popped into Harbury to say goodbye to James VH and have a pint with him.

Having put our bed in storage that day, we slept on the futon mattress on the floor at Ben’s (good training for hostel beds I suppose!). We went to say goodbye to Craig’s mum in the morning and dropped the car off at Kidderminster for Dad to keep trying to sell for me whilst we’re away. Just got a few more bits to do (passport pictures for the visas and anti-malarials…possibly quite important to get on with) and then we will be on the train to London to see Gemma, Joe, Tim and Dills. It will be nice to be saying to hello to people for a change!!