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14 Jan

Got the train to Marylebone with our usual seconds to spare due to me not remembering to write down our booking reference. Frantic logging on to emails got us the tickets eventually though and a dignified dash through Warwick station meant we did get on the train ok.

We met Gemma at King’s Cross and walked to her house…the 15 mins it took us meant we could really test out our bags – mine was definitely too big but it happened that Gemma had a smaller one that she kindly gave to me so we did a swap :)

We brought Gemma and Joe all the spices that have accumulated in our kitchen for them to use as they make spicy food often…in little magnetic jars so you can stick them on the fridge/boiler so you can see what you’ve got


Dills and Tim joined us for the kingfish jerk curry and coconut rice (amazing) curry Joe cooked. Craig got his harmonica out (not a euphemism)


and then Tim made quite a lethal rum/Malibu punch which meant it was bedtime for me.

Joe bought us all croissants and pain au chocolat for breakfast – introduced him to the ultimate breakfast delicacy of pain au chocolat smeared in butter and chocolate spread. I imagine he will be forever in my debt :D

Then it was off to King’s Cross to meet Harry who was unexpectedly in London for the weekend.


She treated us to a lovely lunch and it was great to see her as she lives up North so didn’t think we were going to get a chance to say a proper goodbye.

Got back on the train to get to Heathrow to see Mum, Martin and Hannah off the plane from Australia (an hour after they told me to be there, damn my frazzled brain) which meant we got a quick chance to catch up before they went back to Warwickshire. Very sad but we will hopefully see each other in Oz before too long.

In between all that we photocopied passports etc and got our anti-malarial tablets. Now looking forward to a film, fish and chips (probably our last English meal!), a film and crashing out before getting up at 6 tomorrow to CATCH THE PLANE! Woohoo!