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Last but one…

29 Dec

…nearly the end of work as we know it Jim…have managed to contract Craig and my housemate Ben’s cold after battling it for what seems like weeks. Gutted as really want New Year’s Eve to be a good night – it’s when I met Craig and will probably the last time I see quite a lot of my friends :/ Went home for lunch today to try and warm up and get some hot food as our canteen is closed and ended up making a pasta dish with 5 bird’s eye chillis in it to try and flush out the cold. Now sitting in front of the fire bundled up in my new scarf (which Craig cruelly described as looking like a hospital sling which is a little unfair) so will hopefully get an early night and Night Nurse to knock this on the head! Can’t believe the last day of work is nearly here – I’ve been counting down the days since January :)