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Wellington visit

24 Dec

Some pics of Mum and Martin’s recent visit to Wellington – lovely to see them both and we were thoroughly spoilt. Managed to cram in quite a bit in and show them Wellington and the surrounding areas:

Top of Mount Vic


Rimutaka Range on the way to Martinborough, a region famous for its wines


At a vineyard



Lunch spot


Not usually a fan of taking pictures of every meal but this was so pretty couldn’t resist





On the way to Lake Ferry




NZ’s only steam paddle boat


Up on the cable car to the botanic gardens




Amazing steaks at Crazy Horse


Te Papa and the World of Wearable Art exhibition







Po boys at Sweet Mama’s Kitchen


…And then it was over :( But we had a lovely time during their visit and we are looking forward to family visit round two when Dad and Susan get here in late Jan.

We’ve got a tiny Christmas tree to match our tiny tree and will be sitting down to a traditional roast tomorrow – barbeques in Broome just didn’t cut it last year! Wellington’s blowing a gale today so it is almost cold and nearly feels like a normal Christmas – although the sun sets past 9 here and we don’t have any ‘bonbons’ (crackers) – and then we’re off to Raglan and New Plymouth to visit our friends before the New Year and back to the grindstone :)


Christmas: done

26 Dec

Christmas Eve was spent taking my Doberman Holly for a massive 15 mile walk with James VH and Craig’s dog Charlie Murphy round what felt like most of Warwickshire.

Christmas Day we took a fairly knackered Holls out for a little stroll and then I started cooking ready for Joy and Dave to come over for lunch whilst Craig made the house presentable.

Fifteen tonnes of food later and the sofa was calling out to us, so we watched the Top Gear Vietnam special…which made me a bit emotional as I can’t wait to go back…and probably not in any way related to the vodka consumed during the day.

Saw Dad and Susan today in Kidderminster which was cut short when we realised that both of them were fast asleep as soon as the film went on – we are obviously riveting company :) I would say it was just because they were tired but Mum and Martin did exactly the same thing when the Snowman came on last week. At least I have pictures of both occasions in case we need to exact our revenge. Have made a note to brush up on our variety show skills – maybe something to keep us busy on the long train journeys ahead?


19 Dec

Had our pretend Christmas day yesterday as Mum, my step-dad Martin and my sister Hannah are going to Australia for 3 weeks on Wednesday…lovely to see all the family but also quite sad. I haven’t been concentrating on the goodbyes – with the excitement I keep forgetting I’m not going to see everyone for a year or so :/

Mum texted me this morning to say she was feeling very emotional which set me off at work. But it’s got to be done as we won’t have the opportunity to go if it’s not now…on the plus side, visas are ordered and Craig came home with a new backpack today. However, the subsequent hour long presentation on what zips/unzips/folds down took the shine off it somewhat.

I’ve got 7 working days left at work now…just got a massive list of admin tasks left to do and some packing and moving stuff back to my old house left to do and then off we go (providing the visas come back ok – otherwise plans will have to change to go straight to Asia). Looking forward to some stress-free, work-free holiday time. I was thinking about temping for the two weeks before we go but the monetary advantages are cancelled out by the obvious fact that temp work is generally rubbish and boring. So I expect I will be in my pj’s and watching Cash in the Attic like any normal person would.