Where has a month gone?

15 Sep

We’ve mainly been working and not doing much recently but this is what we’ve been up to in between times:

Wellington on a Plate Festival – the hundreds of restaurants in Wellington put on special offers, courses, menus etc for a week. We took full advantage by visiting Logan Brown which we wouldn’t normally be able to afford to do. They did a five course meal for $65 which was delicious, and is an old bank building so the surroundings are lovely too.


Went to see ‘Love and Money’ – and introduced to a whole new art form of ‘physical theatre’. People doing amazing things with their amazing bodies!


Completed another ridiculous walk, this time to try and stave off a horrendous cold (didn’t work sadly). I think we ended up walking around 25 miles around what felt like the whole coast of New Zealand, but the views were lovely. There were some cool wind-themed sculptures by the bay…Wellington is the windiest city in the Southern Hemisphere.



I also had my birthday (same day as Grandpa, Happy Birthday to you too!) and have been rather delighted to find I am now a spring baby rather than an autumn one. So instead of my birthday signalling the annual six-month darkening, we find ourselves surrounded by snowdrops, daffodils and daisies. According to the paper, this change means that I will do less well at school, be less sporty, be more likely to develop an eating disorder but less chance of having asthma than autumn babies. Excellent.


Took a walk up Mount Victoria, which sounds very energetic but it’s a bit of a rubbish mountain being only 196m and you are able to drive up to the top. The views are worth the climb though as you can see the CBD and harbour, the many bays and out to the South Island. We’re having a gorgeous spell of weather at the moment (except on my birthday which was freezing – some things never change).



We have also bitten the bullet and bought a car. Something practical that we can chuck our stuff in and go camping, or trundle around at the weekend making the weekly shop a bit easier.









Just another example of our sensible, clinical and logical decisions made whilst abroad. The rest of New Zealand, here we come (slowly)…


2 Responses to “Where has a month gone?”

  1. Carey Jones 16 September 2013 at 11:05 am #

    Happy (very belated) Birthday Sarah. Very sorry it passed me by but hope you had a good one. Like the car – very practical (space wise!) Your hopeless on dates, Aunt Carey x ps being a technological dinosaur have never left a comment on one of these before – hope you get it!

    • To australia the long way 18 September 2013 at 6:41 am #

      I did get it thanks Carey :) it must be oj’s bday soon, say hello to him from me! Picked the car up on Monday and love being able to shun public transport! Hope you’re well xxxxxx

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