Not dead yet John Key!

12 May

The prime minister of New Zealand said in the press this week that in his opinion, Wellington is “dying” and the government has no idea what to do about it. He has since “clarified” his “misspeak” but people here are amazed that their own prime minister would a) say something like that about his own capital city and b) be so wrong!

Here are some images of Wellington, in and around where we live and work. We like the city as it’s not crammed full of people (only 200,000 people live in the centre and the whole region only contains another 300,000 people, which when you compare it to somewhere like London, seems positively empty) and there’s always stuff going on. They’ve even got their own sour-faced grumpy statue of Queen Victoria


which is nice because we have a similar one of her looking particularly cheerful in Leamington

queen victoria

Although I am not usually a fan of graffiti, there’s a lot of interesting art on the walls and places you have to look fairly carefully to spot


2013-04-08 11.25.26

There seems to be a bit of a tiny animals theme going on in Newtown


Weeny giraffe cheers me up on the way to work!


This pigeon popped up over the weekend

A student decided that the boards around a building site needed a bit of colour and spent a while prittsticking individual pictures up over it…managed to get a picture before the builders scraped it all off again, boo


Veggie market in Newtown. Usually less soggy than this


Our local florist’s



The city centre has boards with short stories and poems on


I never said they were good short stories…



Even the bins are pretty


My (somewhat distant) view of the bay from work


Statue over the waterfront


Every shop has a sign like this. Everyone is warning us to get winter clothes as the winds get up to 120 kph which will take some getting used to :)


We’ve just booked tickets to see Steve Hughes on Friday at the month-long comedy festival happening here, and are off to the food festival the week after that. On Sunday 26th May, Wellington has an “open day”, so loads of attractions drop their normal entrance tickets to $2, so hopefully we’ll get to go to the zoo, which we’ve been meaning to do for ages (seeing as we can hear the lions roar in the morning from our flat!) for $4 instead of $42. Win!  So I have to say, even though we’ve only been here for a couple of weeks, we already disagree with the prime minister. Feels like being at home!


2 Responses to “Not dead yet John Key!”

  1. wheresphil 13 May 2013 at 11:40 pm #

    Nice post, I have been hanging out in Newtown too – the one in Sydney :) Wellington is a cool city and I am glad you are enjoying it there.

  2. To australia the long way 14 May 2013 at 7:18 am #

    I thought you might like it having read your recent Auckland street art posts :)

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