Bye bye Broome…Broome bye bye

3 Apr

Well that was irritating…went to publish a post and WordPress deleted half of it so here’s take two…

Finally finished my housekeeping job with only a few days to go. I will not miss it one tiny bit – scrubbing blood off walls, playing Poo Roulette in the gents’ toilet (“what’s behind door number three?”), picking up guests’ pants that were too dirty for them to take with them and sweating from my hair follicles down. A hard, hot and dirty job. If I ever stay in a hotel again I will definitely be tipping the cleaners!

I also finished at the pub later on so had a few days to sort everything out and relax a bit, although not before St Patrick’s Day


So after Craig finished his work, the last few days were spent saying goodbye to all our lovely friends which seemed to involve a lot of barbeques and beer (they are Aussie after all…). Despite how difficult it was doing two jobs six days a week – or in Craig’s case doing five 5am starts each week – we did have a good time there and met some great people, enjoyed the beautiful scenery and can officially say we did a full wet season in the Tropics – something no one should have to endure :)

Sights like this do endear you to a place somewhat


And all the cycling to the jobs and working has had a good effect as I am 22 pounds lighter than I was when I got to Australia (give or take a few, see above re: beer and barbeques). Craig laughs because I have a spreadsheet tracking my weight with five different measurements and a line graph…but whatever keeps you motivated I say! I do love a good graph


I am my father’s daughter.

So all too soon it was time to get on the plane to Brisbane and back to shops, traffic, civilisation and less than 100% humidity and say goodbye to our home for the last six months


Bye Broome!


2 Responses to “Bye bye Broome…Broome bye bye”

  1. Hilary Hall 3 April 2013 at 10:40 am #

    Ahhh, it will be a time you’ll never forget and you’ll get rosy tinted glasses soon enough to wipe out the loo memories! Well done to you both for sticking at it and working your socks off! Mum x

    • To australia the long way 3 April 2013 at 10:57 am #

      Definitely! Although I think the loo memories are unfortunately burned into my brain…nightmare stuff.

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