Meanwhile, back on the ranch…

6 Aug

So probably about time for a quick update…the short version is that Craig couldn’t get a plumber’s licence and even if he could, he’d have to go to college for a year before being able to work by himself. Even manual labour requires various licences so we knocked that idea on the head and decided to fulfill a childhood dream and become cowboys by booking a Visitoz farm course near Gympie for a week, after which we are guaranteed 6 months’ work on one of their network of farms.

We ended up getting a job 300km from Alice Springs as stationhands – Craig looking after the water bores that fill the troughs for the 10,000 cattle over 750,000 acres and I run the shop for the local Aboriginal community 40 mins down the road, and we both muster cattle, brand them, draft them and various other jobs that need to be done. The mail comes by plane, the turn off from the highway is a 100km dirt track and we get about in utes. The weather ranges from -5 at night to 30 degrees in the day, but we’re not looking forward to 57 degrees in summer.

The internet is rubbish at the station so can’t connect too often but here are some pictures of what we’ve been up to. I will spare you a picture of the dead kangaroo in an Aboriginal’s car we were shown yesterday…and its 2 inch joey still in its pouch…

Mustering in the ute

It’s probably better to be a female calf…






Bushfire Craig and I dealt with on the neighbours’ land on Wednesday


– Craig was driving this


So much for a day off yesterday!


Will try and post some pictures every now and then when we get into town…


Any thoughts?

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