£7.50 for a cocktail? Ouch. The first one has taken the shock out of it though, one more please…

11 May

The roads turned to rivers so we splashed happily through Chinatown in the gloom and ended up near this building

So we decided to walk to it. I don’t know whether you’ve seen the Father Ted sketch where Ted tried to explain to Dougal that the cows in the distance that are far away are normal size, just far away, but it was a bit like that…we walked enthusiastically towards it and it just kept getting bigger, but never closer. I think it was a fair few kilometres we walked in the end (probably not helped by not having a map, so just wandering in the general direction of it!) but we found it eventually and paid our 45 ringitts each (£11) to go up to the observation deck. The lady said it was cloudy so the view wasn’t brilliant and was that ok, and I briefly considered shouting that it was NOT OK AND TO GET ME SOME SUN, but thought that perhaps was not polite so we agreed not to blame her for the weather and went up there anyway.

It was still an impressive sight despite the clouds

The famous Petronas towers

The ticket also gave you free access to the Animal Zone – a sad and smelly corner outside the tower itself. There were many snakes

that you could pay to hold and get a picture with, but this one was shedding and was covered in slimy water so I decided just to hold the parrots instead (well, someone just put parrots on me and then asked me for 5 ringitts)

In general, the cages were cramped, the animals didn’t have much to do or anything in the way or plants or toys to brighten up their cages and the biggest enclosure was full of rabbits and cockerels…to fed to the snakes. There was a pretty cool two-headed terrapin though

And weird hairless things

but overall, we thought it would be better if they got rid of the animals and just charged you less for going up the tower.

We thought that the Petronas towers couldn’t be that far away if we could see them (they’re over 450 metres tall – you can see them everywhere in KL – will we ever learn?!) so walked off towards them. On the way we spied a TGI Friday’s…and shamefully we went in, eschewing all the delicious Malaysian food for a burger and fajitas. And a pint or two, which, even in the Happy Hour, still cost £4.25…ouch. That’s LONDON prices. We’re from the Midlands, we should never have to pay London prices! But we did, and moved onto Long Island Iced Teas as they were the same price, and then went off in search of the Petronas Towers

Amazing! It’s not often you can say a modern building is beautiful but I thought these were gorgeous. We were too late to walk across the bridge but we will hopefully do that today instead. The first floors are a temple to consumerism – Gucci, Prada, Louis Vitton (and weirdly, Topman!) all have super shiny shops where nothing has prices on because ‘if you need to ask, you can’t afford it’.

I can dream, can’t I?

We were damp, slightly flushed (and probably smelly) from walking across KL all day so we of course fitted right in. But when in KL you might as well make the most of all the fancy cocktail bars, restaurants and cafes so we got stuck in at the Rum Jungle and ended up meeting three Dutch boys

r-l Wim, Mills and Mordor (not his name but anyone with a normal tongue couldn’t pronounce it so we settled on Mordor)

We joined them for beer towers and cocktails and had a great evening. We even got free brown Rum Jungle headbands after Craig said he liked the staff’s uniform, so I think you know what we’ll be wearing along with our matching teeshirts today! Oh yes!


Any thoughts?

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