Koh Samui week 2

28 Apr

Another week has drifted by quite effortlessly. Craig went fishing with the hotel’s owner, Andy, and caught a massive fish in the nearby lake

which was a bit alarming as they can live out of water for hours so it was still alive when they brought it home. Andy dispatched it in the kitchen and his wife, Oh, made a Thai curry with it and also deep fried chunks of it, which dipped in chilli sauce, were delicious. I think quite a bit of chilli and spices is needed to make catfish nice but she managed it :)

The next day, Craig, Mathias, Frederik and Johann, a Swedish boy they’d met in Malaysia, and I went for a drive around the island trying to find a nice beach to swim to make a change from the pool. We found the beach in Lamai but there was a stagnant pool of sewage next to it so it stank. We carried on round and found a smaller beach that had loads of brown foam in the sea so gave that a miss, but found a nice waterfall along the way. We then drove up the mountain (well we did, Frederik and Mathias had to walk for part of it as it was very steep and their bike was small) and went to a little cafe for a beer and to watch the sunset over the island before heading back to the hotel to say goodbye to Frederik and Mathias as they were leaving for Koh Tao the next morning, by which time I would be at work. It was so lovely to see them again and I’m glad we had a chance to catch up.

I had my first solo drive the next morning as Craig was not in a fit state to take me to work. I went the quiet way feeling like I was in Easy Rider, although they probably didn’t drive a titchy scooter, go at 20kmph until wobbling to a stop whilst humming Bad to the Bone and mentally joining Hell’s Angels. But I did the difficult bits (turning right across traffic) like a badass…ahem…and got to work in time without being smushed or causing someone else to be.

Emboldened by his recent catfish success, Craig took me and Andy fishing. I sat and read by book for a few peaceful hours and watched the sunset

and looked at the stars. Craig didn’t catch anything but Andy caught this

He does usually look a bit more cheerful than that!

We went for a drive to Nat Thon via the scenic route: a new road that cuts through the island that was absolutely deserted. A good, flat (well most of it, apart from the bit that had been smashed by falling rocks) quiet road is fairly rare here and it made a nice change not to be panicking about who was going to pull out on us next.

At Nat Thon, we sorted out our visas – only having a visa exemption rather than a tourist visa meant we could only extend the visas by 7 days for the bargain price of £40 each :I So I will be stopping work a day or two early. We have finally decided where to go next…Kuala Lumpur on 10th May. We’re not quite sure about what to do after that but one thing at a time!

P.S. The lovely Yulia (http://insearchofperfect.wordpress.com/2012/04/25/paying-it-forward/) kindly nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award. Thank you :) In return you have to nominate your favourite 15 blogs and do a new post…sadly I don’t actually follow 15 as the internet is so temperamental it’s hard enough to get this one sorted. I kind of just read random ones when I can! But my friend Samantha’s travel blog is always a good read (http://scgreenslade2.wordpress.com/ – although she’s home now, she’s not quite finished getting up to date so there should be more posts!), the four in the box on the right and Where is Phil Now – http://wheresphil.wordpress.com/2012/04/. Having spent 5 hours trying to connect today I am sorry I couldn’t join in properly!


Any thoughts?

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