Why can we not go anywhere with adopting a dog??

16 Apr

Throughout my time travelling, I have developed a near-pathological desire to be near animals. Going from owning a cat and a dog to none was quite a shock to the system and as people who have been reading earlier posts, we ended up rescuing a dog in Cambodia and owning an honorary puppy in Sri Lanka…I just feel so sorry for all the mange-ridden and starving animals here I can’t help but stop and stroke them – anything to feel like you’re relieving the suffering makes me feel slightly better not taking them home :) Craig gets very annoyed at having to stop every five minutes to say hello to starving or ill dog or cat but I love stroking every animal that goes past.

The hotel we’re staying at has acquired a dog – a golden lab cross that just turned up two days before we came, like it knew we were coming. She is less than two years old and has such a waggy tail that you’d think it would come off. She’s clearly not a stray as her teeth and fur are too good for that, but she seems to have taken up residence here with only the odd grumble from the male dog who lives here.

When we went to Tesco Lotus the other day, Craig banned me from buying dog food for Goldie, as I have nicknamed her, in case she (or more likely, I), got too attached…but he didn’t say anything about dog chews :) So I got two for Goldie and the other dog and swore blind that somehow they must have just fell into the basket…same as the expensive ham that unfortunately “fell on the floor” and into Goldie’s mouth.

Goldie knows which side her bread is buttered as she ended up sleeping on our bed for one night. It was clearly the most comfortable she’d ever been as spread herself into a thin scraping over the whole bed, the way only dogs can. Every time I turned off I was rewarded by a thumping of yellow-furred tail to say hello.

When we woke up this morning, she was lying on our doormat, clearly waiting for us to get up and give her some fuss. She is very clever as she knows when she’s overstepped the boundaries –  nibbling my ankle bracelet or the computer cables is a no-no. I put some water down for her (she was drinking swimming pool water before this) and when the male dog here came to bark at her for encroaching onto her space, she ran between my legs to protect herself. Another country, another dog…


Any thoughts?

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