Angkor Wat?

9 Mar

Soon after posting our last post on here, we met a Welsh girl called Lauren who was also staying at our guesthouse. Whilst I was talking to Mum on Skype, she was explaining to Craig that one of her bank cards had been stolen from her (locked) backpack and the other had been swallowed up by a cash machine at the border – meaning her bus left without her whilst she was trying to get back out of the ATM. When she did eventually get it out four hours later, it turned out her bank had blocked the card anyway so she had about $6 left on her. We leant Lauren my laptop so she could Skype her bank (call centre based in India – Craig went to check how she was doing and she busy repeating her date of birth 45 minutes into the call) but it looks like she won’t have a card for a week or two at least. As we both have UK bank accounts, her dad is going to transfer some money into my account so that I can take it out for her which should last her until she can pick her card up. Nightmare but at least we could pass on the favour Chris paid us in Banlung :)

We all went to get some food and drinks that evening, including a visit to Angkor Wat? bar on Pub Street. Last year everyone went out except me (in bed with food poisoning…familiar…) and went there and got free teeshirts after drinking two cocktails, so I was determined to go back this time and get me a teeshirt. However, I hadn’t reckoned on the size of the cocktails so we had one each (which I still got a shirt for, win) and Craig and I went back to the guesthouse, leaving Lauren chatting to some other people in the bar.

A combination of hangover and insane heat meant the next day was spent lazing in our hotel room. It has a fan and a curtain which was good enough as the heat was unbearable outside. We went for breakfast and then just immediately came back, stripped off to our pants and lied down for hours. After all that excitement, Craig did some laundry and ended up dripping with sweat. I’ve included a photo not because laundry is particularly novel but so you can see the mould in the room :/ At least we’re only going to be here for another day or two before we go to Bangkok to catch our flight to Sri Lanka.

Craig also set to work on his “make a diabolo toy from a coconut” plan (prototype one). He bought a coconut in the morning from a street seller and planned to cut the coconut in half, bolt it together to make a diabolo and see whether it worked as a toy or not. The problem was that coconuts here are sold with their tough green outer shell on, which has to be removed before you get to the more familiar brown husk inside. He had asked the street seller to cut it in half, but it didn’t go quite to plan as she got her machete out and smashed a whole coconut to pieces in front of him, looking very pleased with herself. Not quite what was meant…so he bought a whole one and started attacking it with his knife in the room. I was reading my book at the time, but over the next 15 minutes I could occasionally hear little hacking sounds and grunts coming from the corner. Craig eventually stood up and I saw that all that had been done was some random chunks of the green stuff had been removed as it was far tougher than expected…and that he’d got so hot he’d ended up stabbing it and had drunk all the juice, ruining the shell :) I look forward to watching the creation of prototype two.

We met up again with Lauren a few hours later and spotted Sinead, a girl who runs a clothing shop in Sihanoukville and one of Geordie’s friends, staying at our guesthouse. She had come on a shopping trip for her company so we ended up having dinner with her and Lauren. She said she had seen Geordie and Namnam the day before, and the puppy was running around with no problems. Geordie posted a picture on facebook last night of him

and a little video showing how much he’s improved since he was picked up just a few weeks ago in the jungle.

Today was spent eating ice cream (proper stuff from a shop plus delicious slushies picked up from a vendor on the street – sweet crushed ice drinks with what we thought were berries at the bottom but turned out to be balls of jelly, awesome), wandering round the markets loading our already-full bags with more bits and pieces and buying new flipflops for Craig. He bought some in Vietnam that rubbed in between his toes so badly he cut the “thong” bit off and has been on a quest to find new ones ever since, managing to keep them on only by walking with his toes clenched into a claw-like position, poor thing. So it’s a relief for him to finally be able to have a comfortable pair of shoes. My flipflops got stolen in Kong Koh (why anyone would want them is beyond me, they were disgusting!) so I have been wearing Craig’s impulse bought ones that didn’t fit him. I have also been trying to find new ones but every exchange goes like this:

Me [picking up a pretty pair of sandals in a tiny Asian size]: Have you got these in a size 41 please?

Stall owner [wiping her eyes]: 41? HAHAHAHA. VERY BIIIIIG! No, sorry, we not have. But these ones are 41.

At this point, the stall owner will invariably pick up the most chunky, black or brown enormous monstrosities of men’s sandals (mandals).

Me: Ah but these are for men. I am a women, I would like nice ones.

Stall owner [looking up at me doubtfully]: But these are for beeeeeeautiful lady. These not men’s. But how about these?

The stall owner will begin holding up a selection of what look like orthapedic shoes for giants.

Me: Sigh.

2 Responses to “Angkor Wat?”

  1. The artist formerly known as Skid Steer 9 March 2012 at 12:00 pm #

    I’m glad to hear that Craig is finally walking right again…Ah I miss bargaining with stall vendors…In Korea, if you bargain, you are basically committing heresy, doubly so because everything is on some sort of touch screen digital device…Keep killin it guys!

    • toaustraliathelongway 9 March 2012 at 2:19 pm #

      He did quite well with the sandals – first day $22 down to $18 – second day she started at $15 and he got her down to $12! Still quite expensive for shoes but they’re leather and it means he doesn’t belong to the Ministry of Silly Walks any more so all good! So everything is fixed price in Korea then? At least you took most things you needed with you!

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