20 Feb

We went out with Chris and a French guy, Edward, who was on our bus to Stung Treng, to say our goodbyes as he was staying in Phnom Penh. Edward was not my biggest fan because I accidentally moved his blanket off the seat he was saving, thinking it was the driver’s. He complained a bit about it so at least I got the chance to apologise :) Lost track of the time – realised it was 2.30am all of a sudden and we had to get the bus at 6.30am…ah well at least we’d sleep well on it! We were really sad to say goodbye as he’s been a) our saviour in times of desperate need (of cash) and b) a great travelling companion for the last week or so. It is a shame he’s got to go off to Korea to study rather than continuing to travel but I am sure that will be an adventure in itself.

We got the bus to Sihanoukville without too much drama with just the one wheel change this time. The dog, as usual, was impeccibly behaved and made us lots of new friends, including Ben, an Englishman who had resigned to come travelling. He last worked in mental health, has been in the forces and has travelled fairly extensively so is interesting to talk to. It is funny that it’s exactly the same as being with a puppy in England…everyone wants to talk to you – the Cambodians think you’ve nicked it ot think it’s hilarious/mental you’re bothering to carry round a puppy with you and everyone else wants to stroke him or take pictures!

We stayed in Serendipity for the first night, meeting up with our friend Andy on Victory beach, before heading over to where he was staying the next day as it’s cheaper and quieter. We’ve ended up in a similar set-up to where we stayed in Vang Vieng – lovely garden, basic bungalow (dog-friendly) and flowers everywhere. It even comes with a pair of frogs in the shower

I am much more of a fan of these guys than the giant evil cockroach in our last room. Bleurgh.

Sihanoukville is lovely. Really relaxed (especially where we are now), amazing weather and great beaches to while away lazy afternoons

and the sunsets are pretty awesome too

We’ve just spent today hanging out with Ben and Andy, lying on sunloungers or swimming in the sea, reading books and chatting with ice cold Ankor beer (60p a pint) with the puppy snoozing in the sand at our feet. Absolute bliss. I think it will be wash rinse and repeat for the next week or so…will try and not bore you all by more “and then we went to the beach and made like flat fish for 5 hours” stories :)

There is plenty to do here though if you’ve got the time and inclination. There’s a national park, a crocodile farm, monkeys on Independence beach (which we saw whilst driving to Victory beach…they take nuts out of people’s hands, so cute), sailing trips, islands…might be here for a while…


Any thoughts?

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