Christmas: done

26 Dec

Christmas Eve was spent taking my Doberman Holly for a massive 15 mile walk with James VH and Craig’s dog Charlie Murphy round what felt like most of Warwickshire.

Christmas Day we took a fairly knackered Holls out for a little stroll and then I started cooking ready for Joy and Dave to come over for lunch whilst Craig made the house presentable.

Fifteen tonnes of food later and the sofa was calling out to us, so we watched the Top Gear Vietnam special…which made me a bit emotional as I can’t wait to go back…and probably not in any way related to the vodka consumed during the day.

Saw Dad and Susan today in Kidderminster which was cut short when we realised that both of them were fast asleep as soon as the film went on – we are obviously riveting company :) I would say it was just because they were tired but Mum and Martin did exactly the same thing when the Snowman came on last week. At least I have pictures of both occasions in case we need to exact our revenge. Have made a note to brush up on our variety show skills – maybe something to keep us busy on the long train journeys ahead?


Any thoughts?

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