19 Dec

Had our pretend Christmas day yesterday as Mum, my step-dad Martin and my sister Hannah are going to Australia for 3 weeks on Wednesday…lovely to see all the family but also quite sad. I haven’t been concentrating on the goodbyes – with the excitement I keep forgetting I’m not going to see everyone for a year or so :/

Mum texted me this morning to say she was feeling very emotional which set me off at work. But it’s got to be done as we won’t have the opportunity to go if it’s not now…on the plus side, visas are ordered and Craig came home with a new backpack today. However, the subsequent hour long presentation on what zips/unzips/folds down took the shine off it somewhat.

I’ve got 7 working days left at work now…just got a massive list of admin tasks left to do and some packing and moving stuff back to my old house left to do and then off we go (providing the visas come back ok – otherwise plans will have to change to go straight to Asia). Looking forward to some stress-free, work-free holiday time. I was thinking about temping for the two weeks before we go but the monetary advantages are cancelled out by the obvious fact that temp work is generally rubbish and boring. So I expect I will be in my pj’s and watching Cash in the Attic like any normal person would.


Any thoughts?

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