Scene 1 act 1

11 Dec

Finally started the planning stage for the big trip…one month before we go :) Turns out you need bank statements for Russian visas to show you’ve had at least £100 in your bank account for last 3 months if you’re self employed…only problem is that Craig doesn’t have a bank account. Emailed Real Russia to see if that’s going to cause a problem and hopefully we can get round it. I had a mini-panic tonight as I thought I had lost our passports but it turned out they were tucked safely away in my backpack all ready to go :)

We think we should be able to get away as soon as the visas are granted which should hopefully be by mid-jan. The passports should arrive back ok 13th and we would like to go on 15th so we can meet up with the lovely Dills whilst he’s in St Petersburg at some point before we get the train from Moscow onto Beijing and beyond!

Just got so much to sort out with insurance, selling the car and getting Craig’s plumbing qualification certificate sent as he’s lost the original…12 days left to go at work though and then will be a bit more free to sort out stuff. Getting (even more) excited now!


Any thoughts?

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